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2018 vip spring break Card info



Why do you need it ? For the best Spring Break experience


You get free parties at Daytona's hottest Clubs , free cover charge including free beer , plus discounts on Jets-Ski, Parasailling , Cabs , Surf Shops, Restaurants and much more.


OK , what is the cost?


Only 25.00


Where to get it?


You can pre order the card by calling 800 881 9173 or in the lobby of the Hawaiian Inn & Plaza Ocean Club or call Scott at 386 677 3308 at the Daytona Welcome Center.



         2018 card schedule



Saturday         509 Lounge       Free Admission 8-10pm.  Free Drinks 8-10pm.


Sunday            Razzles            Free Admission 8-10pm.  Free Beer   8-10pm       


Monday           Razzles             Free Admission 8-10pm  Free Beer  8-10pm    


Tuesday        Ocean Deck        Free Admission 7:30-9:30pm.  Free Beer 7:30-9:30pm        


Wednesday    509Lounge         Free Admission 8-10pm  Free Drinks 8-10pm         


Thursday       Razzles               Free Admission 8-10pm  Free Beer 8-10pm        


Friday          Ocean Deck         Free Admission 7:30-9:30pm  Free Beer 7:30-9:30pm       



Included in the card you get access to free pool parties at the Hawaiian Inn every day starting at noon. Party on Daytona's largest pool deck.  DJ, music, contests and prizes.  Daily Drink and Grill specials. Home of the famous Tropical Cocktail $2.50



The VIP Card has been around for over 20 years.  Don't be fooled by other cards you may see or hear about.  The VIP Card sells for $25.00 and is the only card that gets you in to Daytona's largest and hottest Spring Break Clubs, including Razzles, The Ocean Deck, and 509 Lounge.


Here at dbspringbreak we have kept the price affordable as it is our mission to give Breakers the best time for the lowest price.


Other Spring Break Cards may cost $50.00-$70.00 and only get you in to small hole in the wall bars.  Don't be fooled and pay exorbitant prices for something that is worthless.

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