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Safety Tips for your Spring Break!

Stay Safe during Spring Break

Spring Break In Daytona Beach can be the vacation of a life time.  Here are a few tips so you will have a great break and a safe one too.


1. Always use the buddy system.  Never allow a friend to leave a club or a party alone.


2. Always carry your hotel information with you.  If you get lost you can ask for directions.


3. Don't swim in the ocean at night.  There are no life guards on duty.


4.Drink responsibly.  Know your limits.  Don't accept drinks from a stranger, and don't carry an open container on the street or the beach.


5. Don't use, sell, or buy drugs.


6. Only use licensed taxis or shuttles.


7. When checking into your hotel, check your room and report any damages.


8. Don't hang over balcony railings.


9. Secure all valuables in your room safe, or the hotel's safety deposit box.


10. Make sure your balcony door is locked at all times.


11. Now that we have that out of the way, have a great time and try to stay out of trouble.

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