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Why Daytona? Weather / Cost / Nightlife

Panama City Spring Break Students enjoying the warm weather in Daytona



Do you really need to ask?





Why would you want to freeze your !%$#@ off in a place like Panama City? With temperatures dropping below 40 degrees at night, and rarely hitting 70 degrees during the day in March.

Daytona Beach is located farther south of places like Panama City. We are directly on The Atlantic Ocean.With daytime temperatures averaging 80 degrees during the day in March , why not party where it's warm.




With hotel rates thru the roof in Miami / Panama City and Mexico why would you use a large portion of your budget just to sleep ( or not ) at night when our student friendly hotels offer great value and it leaves you with money for activities. For two nights in these destinations the difference can leave you money to spend the day at Universal Studios Orlando / Parasailing / Shopping or Partying!





With several hot spots Daytona has something for everyone , including Beach Front Bars ,  Dance Clubs, Sports Bars and even a Comedy Club. And all this at reasonable prices and cover charges that won't break your back.





Make Daytona Beach your 2019 Spring Break Destination!  Enjoy the warm sunny weather and return to campus with a Florida tan rather than broke with a case of frost bite.

Great Spring Break destination Warm Sunny Beach
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